Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions basically demonstrate a visual phenomena that is deceptive and misleading at times. They make us perceive differently than actually it is. So these work on the basis of creating mis-perception. These optical illusions may distress the eyes of viewer because user may have to concentrate a lot for getting the effect of what is going on in the illusion.

So enjoy these cool optical illusions..

Turning Discs

Observe closely which disc is turning faster ?
I bet u cant reach any solution because both are exactly same and turning at same rate …

Rotating Balls Around A Box

Rotating Balls Around A Box
Fisrt concentrate on the image for few seconds.You will see that the balls appear to move.And when you try to count the number of balls in the figure you will be able to do so but with a difficulty…..


Focus on the center of the image and you will see the distortion in words.

Moving or Static

It is a wonderful optical illusion. You will feel that the rollers are moving.When you see this image carefully you will find that it is static.
Moving or Static Optical Illusion

Expanding Circles Optical Illusion

In this illusion you will see that all the 4 circles are expanding when you move your vision over them.
Expanding Circles Optical Illusion



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