KID’S Republic

children bookstore interior

KID’S Republic is a kid’s core in Beijing, this office building has an wake up room in a initial room as well as second building as a bookstore. Kids is identically with a full of color universe that practical upon this interior design. The wake up room upon a initial building is a rainbow-like space combined with twelve full of color ribbons of opposite perimeters. Activities similar to story-telling as well as existence shows have been intermittently hold here. The territory gaps in a wall as well as roof have been used for enlightenment or displaying items, whilst those in a building have been additionally used as a theatre as well as an auditorium. Carpets have been laid in a room for young kids to openly lay as well as distortion down upon a floor. Design by : SAKO A

kids republic

kids republic

kids republic

kids republic

kids republic

colorful staircase

The steps leads a young kids to a bookstore upon a second floor. The rainbow-like badge starts from a gymnasium as well as goes up along a steps compartment a bookstore. The 100-meter-long full of color ribbon, that serves assorted functions during assorted places, whirls as well as twists in a store; it eventually ends in a room as well as goes behind to a armrest of a staircase baluster upon a initial building where it had started.

kids republic

kids republic



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