Unique Chairs

This unique chair called the Bomb chair and is made by italian companyAdrenalina.

Unique Chair

Unique chairs with attractive style


Cloud stool inspired by versatility and softness of the Cloudscape. This can be a single or a group as a human. This gives the illusion that it was still alive, using an irregularity,Joon&Jung, the design studio of Joonsoo Kim and Jungyou Choi, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands; have designed the Cloud Stool.

Unique Chair Called Cloud Stool

Unique Chair


Unique chair Designed by architecture student, David Lee from the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California, the Continual Chair, To see more please visit their site.

Unique Chair

Unique Chair Called Continual Chair

stylish chair


form a unique chair


form a unique chair


Bench by Boex 3D Creative


Barca lounge chair was created by Jakob Joergensen.


Meltdown PP Tube 1 is a striking chair designed and created by British Designer Tom Price. The chair is made of recycled plumbing tubes that have been heated and pressed together to form a seat.


“Purposefulness of Shadow” Chair by John Leung & Clarke Hopkins Clark Architects

Daisuke Motogi Architecture presented this armchair for holding and hiding things at DesignTide Tokyo 2010.


Breathing Sofa designed by Wu Yu-Ying transforms its shape according to the body of the person who sitting on it. The design focuses on the process of sitting on a chair, as well as the interaction between the user and the chair while using it.


This unique chair reflects colourful shapes on the surrounding walls and floor, this unique chair called  Random8 designed by David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud of Pitaya Design. To see more please visit their site.Unique Chair Reflects Colourful Shapes

Unique Chair Reflects Colourful Shapes Called Random8 Chair

Unique Chair


This chair create real and recognizable uniqueness within serial production.

Colorful Unique Chair by Studio Julien Carretero

by Studio Julien Carretero


This wooden chair is very unique shape, with plywood and coated in paint, these chairs incised hind legs, and this high chair  27 in (68,6 cm). by Julian Mayor

Unique Chair.jpeg
Phillips de Pury & Company


The “Bouquet chair” Yoshioka Tokujin designer inspired by an installation at the Moroso showroom in New York who covers 30 thousand paper towels to simulate a cloud like the atmosphere, is very unique beautiful like a flower.

Chair by Moroso


Flower Chair by Moroso






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